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Entry #7

Guess what

2011-08-02 12:35:44 by lycanid

Well I tried to kill my parents but it turns out that they were just fucking around my dad only laughs like one and got his teeth sharpened, my mom was wearing those costume fangs with the glue stuff that goes on the teeth and drank blood on a dare. So i was pissed ad then one of my friends (Wolfiey, more on him if i feel like it) told me that hatred " is the heart of the human condition and if i were to ever hope to control it i would have to give into it : )" and right after he said it the angel and the demon appeared on my shoulders and we were debating ether to beat him up or not, Demon' come on you know you want to beat the crap out of him so do it already' and then the Angel spoke up' I'll rape your mother if you do' and me and the demon looked at him and said 'really what the hell is wrong with you?!' and walked away but the demon stayed and said' Y'know I kinda like it here think I'll stay you mind?', ' no but won't they miss you in hell?', ' Nah, the ol' bastard hates me, me his own nephew', 'wait your uncle is Satan?', 'yeah he hates me because i didn't submit to him', 'what?', 'I didn't want to be satanic so i fled and do you mind if i be your soul?', 'what, how could you possibly be my soul?' 'easy i mix ours together and that combines them so i become your soul.', '...OK'. Now I have a sexual demon for a soul and guess who's gonna be loving that.


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2011-08-02 14:25:42

Good for you mate.

lycanid responds:

thanks its actually better than you would expect demons are not completely evil or completely good they are like divine humans except with bigger egos and supernatural abilities.